Four Classic Sandwiches for a Quintessentially French Picnic

Four Classic Sandwiches for a Quintessentially French Picnic
Ideal for a cosy picnic as we enter the cooler months, these four sandwiches are French classics for a reason - they are easy to make and taste delicious! 


Did you know that 30 million Jambon-Beurre sandwiches are sold daily in France? That’s over one billion ham and butter sandwiches a year. Compare that to the amount of Big Macs sold in the US each year - a measly 560 million.

There are only three ingredients necessary for this French staple: an excellent baguette, creamy (European style) salted butter, and in lieu of Jambon de Paris - which may be hard to find - grab some top notch uncured ham!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add a couple gherkin on for a bit of crunch!
Opinel recipe jambon beurre classic french sandwichOpinel recipe jambon beurre classic french sandwich

Tomato & Mozzarella

I don’t think it will surprise you to learn that the bread base for all of these sandwiches is a baguette. Layer on a few chunks of fresh mozzarella, alternating with slices of ripe tomatoes. Toss on a little bit of olive oil, some basil, with a sprinkling of sea salt and pepper. Voilà!
Opinel classic tomato mozzarella french sandwichOpinel classic tomato mozzarella french sandwich

Salami & Butter & Pickles

Not just any salami, but a dry-cured Saucisson Sec is ideal for this sandwich. Slather on a layer of creamy, salted butter and add a bunch of tart gherkin!
Opinel classic saucisson beurre french sandwich recipeOpinel recipe saucisson beurre classic french sandwich

Tuna Salad

While Pan Bagnat may be a favourite tuna sandwich, we’re partial to a simple tuna salad. Mix together canned tuna with a finely chopped shallot and mayonnaise, then spread it on - you guessed it - a baguette. A squeeze of lemon finishes this simple sandwich quite nicely. Bon appétit.
Opinel recipe tuna salad classic french sandwich

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