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Meet the Pocket Knives

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Meet the

Nomad Cooking Kit

The right cooking tools for adventurous meals. 

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Introducing The

Le Petit Chef Range

Safety-conscious kitchen tools that teach your little chefs cutting and peeling skills.

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The Picnic+ Cutlery Insert Set

The must-have kit for eating on the go

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Traditional Luxury Knives

The traditional pocket knife adopts its most beautiful wood.

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Beyond the Campsite

Opinel's Rugged Knives for Outdoor Exploration

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N°08 Mushroom


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N°09 Oysters


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N°116 Bread knife Parallèle


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Bon Appétit+ - Set of 4

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6 colours available

N°07 My First Opinel Folding Knife


6 colours available

N°07 Outdoor Junior Folding Knife


4 colours available

"Le Petit Chef" Kitchen Set


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Le Petit Chef Finger Guard


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"Le Petit Chef" Peeler


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Les Essentiels + Trio Set
Les Essentiels + Trio Set
Les Essentiels + Trio Set
Les Essentiels + Trio Set
Les Essentiels + Trio Set
Les Essentiels + Trio Set
Les Essentiels + Trio Set
Les Essentiels + Trio Set

Les Essentiels + Trio Set

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3 essential knives for everyday cooking.

Free Engraving For A Limited Time

My Customised Opinel

Engrave your Opinel knife on the blade or the handle.

Treat your loved ones or yourself to a unique and original personalised knife. You can engrave a first name, a date or any other message on one line of text.

Made in France

Rooted in history with a commitment to craftsmanship, the Opinel family still make their knives in the Savoie region in France, nestled at the foot of the French Alps.

Opinel and me

From pocket to kitchen knives, all are Made in France

Invented by Joseph Opinel in 1890, the pocket knife that today proudly bears his name is an indispensable item when it comes to daily living.

Based in Chambéry, in the French department of Savoie, the Opinel company has produced long-lasting, robust and efficient knives for over 130 years: pocket knives, small foldable garden tools, high-end table knives and professional quality kitchen knife sets. Knife collectors will love the limited edition luxury models. The brand, with its famous "crowned hand" logo, has also brought out a kids' knife collection, so little ones can safely prepare meals. For a unique, original and stand-out gift, our customisable knives are available to individuals, companies and restaurants.


Opinel in French Culture

We’re French through and through: Our company originated in the French Alps, and today, our headquarters are still nestled at the base of the mountains

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The Slim Line


Les Essentiels





The Cook’s Guide to Kitchen Essentials

Preparing good meals starts with being well-equipped in the kitchen.

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Opinel, A French Chefs Choice

Chef Pierrick Boyer

A new partnership, fusing heritage, mastery, and the spirit of craftsmanship.


The Art of Fromage Perfected by Opinel

Matthieu Mégard

L'Artisan - French Savoir-faire in Australian Essence


In 1890, Joseph Opinel was 18 years old and worked in the family edge-tool making workshop.

He was passionate about new machines and techniques, and even made his own camera, quickly becoming the photographer at weddings and special events in his local area...

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The iconic pocket knife since 1890.

Opinel is the French go-to brand when it comes to pocket knives. For over 130 years, Opinel knives have accompanied every generation on a daily basis, from the garden to the table, as well as cooking and outdoor activities.

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Sustainable Practices

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" when the Opinel knives are produced.

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