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Knives and small garden tools are designed for keen gardeners.

Weeding, pruning, gathering, sawing, grafting, and harvesting: Opinel brings you a collection designed for the garden: gardening knives, secateurs, pruning shears and small saws. An ideal collection for maintaining and caring for your garden.

Hand Slate pruner

Pruning shears, an essential tool to maintain your most beautiful plants!

The Opinel slate pruner offers 3 different positions, allowing it to adapt to the diameter of the branches and to the size of your hands.

A locking system in the closed position allows the pruning shears to be locked and carried without causing injuries.

The pruner has a stainless steel blade with a cutting capacity of 20 mm. The handle is made of beech wood from French farms.

It is varnished to provide better protection against moisture and dirt. The guard and handles are made of polyamide for a comfortable grip.


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Garden Knife No. 8

For weeding, cutting salad leaves, or picking dandelions!

Its sharp, sturdy blade makes it an essential garden tool.

Its beechwood handle fits the shape of the hand for maximum comfort.

The 8.5 cm stainless steel blade enables efficient cutting and an easy maintenance.

This tool is equipped with a Virobloc® ring for safe working. This knife is customisable - a great idea as a unique gift for keen gardeners.


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Billhook No. 10

A billhook is a must-have tool for gardeners.

It can be used to harvest grapes, prune small branches, and pick flowers or fruits, thanks to its curved blade.

Its blade is 10 cm long and its handle is comfortable, and will remain so even after long hours at work.

The billhook features the Virobloc® safety system created by Opinel: it only locks the blade when it is open.


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N°08 Grafting Billhook

A quality tool for mountain dwellers and gardeners.

Its shape means it can be used to graft, cut and prune shrubs.

The slightly curved 8 cm blade is ideal for picking fruit and flowers.

Opinel offers the user the option of locking the blade in the open and closed positions, thus minimising the risk of cuts.

This billhook is customisable.


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Saw N°12

A pocket saw with an ultra-efficient blade for cutting branches with a diameter of less than 8 cm.

For garden use, but also for outdoor activities, this small saw is very handy and efficient.

Our saws are equipped with carbon blades with an anti-corrosion coating.

The two rows of sharpened teeth are oriented towards the handle and allow for effortless cutting while pulling towards you.

The 12 cm blade is very effective against branches of up to 8 cm in diameter. Its handle remains comfortable, even after using the tool for a long period of time.

The Virobloc® protection system is available on this saw. This will allow you to work efficiently while minimising risk.


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Saw N°18

A folding saw with an ultra-efficient blade for cutting branches with a diameter of less than 10 cm.

With the same features as the No. 12 saw, the No. 18 saw has an 18 cm blade that is very effective against branches of up to 10 cm in diameter.

The No. 18 saw is equipped with a safety hook and a blade that can be easily replaced in case of wear.


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Gardener's box set

3 pocket tools in spring colours that make you want to get out and garden.

The wooden box contains the garden knife, grafting billhook no. 8, and folding saw no. 12.

This pack offers all the arsenal you will need for your outdoor work: weeding, pruning, picking, cutting etc...

A great gift idea.


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