Improve the blade opening

Wood is a living material which is sensitive to changes in temperature. The wooden handle on your OPINEL can expand and make it difficult to open the blade. If you haven’t used your Opinel for a long time, the blade may also stick to the handle.

Here are a few tips to free the blade...
"Le coup du Savoyard ®"

If you are having difficulties in opening your Opinel, try the Coup du Savoyard® (The Savoyard’s tap), an ancestral tip that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

  1. Turn the rotating lock to free the groove.
  2. Hold the knife by its handle: The rotating lock is positioned in the palm of your hand, the groove is facing downwards and should not be covered by your fingers.
  3. Tap sharply on a hard surface (a table for example, but avoid fragile surfaces which could be damaged)
  4. On impact, the blade is released and opens easily.

With this simple action, those in the know can open even the most stubborn Opinel...

If the blade is still hard to open or close, before anything else, ensure the handle is dry. Apply a drop of lubricant above the groove and move the blade of your OPINEL by opening and closing it several times. Apply more lubricant if required and wipe any excess. Don’t forget to:
- Avoid extended periods in a damp environment
- Wipe the blade after use

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