Opinel does bread best!

Welcome to Opinel, where our rich heritage intertwines with culinary finesse. Discover our collaboration with the brilliant Chef Pierrick Boyer of Reverie Cafe and Chess Hat Australia – an eloquent fusion of culinary artistry. Our legacy in crafting exceptional knives, especially our renowned bread knives and spreaders, guarantees each slice is not just a masterpiece but a cherished moment. Together, we craft a seamless blend of quality, storytelling, and unforgettable moments,  forging a cutting-edge partnership that elevates the art of slicing. 

Discover the muse of chefs – Discover Opinel. 

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The Reverie Offer

Indulge in a 10% discount on dine-in and in-store orders at Reverie Cafe by applying the code 'OpinelPB10'.


Bread Brilliance: Our Cutting Edge Collection