Opinel offers an entire range of garden knives for your gardening tasks and forays into the woods: garden knives, mushroom knives, pruning knives and saws.

Garden Knife

Pointed and rust resistant blade, ideal for weeding or cutting fruit, vegetables, twine or rope.

Pruning Knife

No.8 Curved blade, bevelled on both sides, for grafting or incising.
No.10 Curved blade, bevelled on both sides, for grape-picking, cutting.

Pruning Saw

No.12 The sharp teeth, set to the inside, provide effortless and clean cutting simply by pulling.
No.18The teeth set to inside provide easy cutting on the pullback and less damage to the bark. The safety hook locks the blade in open position, and easy replacement of worn blade (screw system) with the spare blade.

Secateurs (Coming Soon)

Robust Stainless steel blade (3-position switch) with optimized bade shape to reduce cutting force.
Polished wood handle with polyamide guard.

Mushroom Knife

Specially designed for picking and preparing mushrooms. Its pruning blade and boar bristle brush are perfect for cleaning and picking mushrooms.